The interface for self-actualisation

Because it's 2022, and most people still live a lifetime and die without ever knowing what it is they can love and be great at.

In a great future, all humans are curious, all the time.

It is not enough to want a great future. It is essential to build it. To build this great future, we deliver value today while working to disrupt a traditional industry in the long run:

Feedback loop

Uber collects feedback on every ride. There is no equivalent of that for learning and education, and there needs to be.


We must match existing knowledge and opportunities to people efficiently, given their curiosities and constraints.

Attention management

Netflix says their biggest competition is sleep. In this world, we must capture someone's attention 1 hour a week, for a year, and empower them to turn their curiosity into a skill.

Building for the 80%

Traditional education works as long as 20% of students get great jobs, and the edtech industry is built for young, tech savvy individuals, not the masses.

Our masterplan


Feedback Loop

A scalable learning experience to help people learn hard things together, using the existing knowledge on the internet; effectively curating and rating knowledge.

Prediction Model

A prediction model trained on anonymised learning ratings and a competence-based knowledge structure.

The next interface for learning

A personalised learning interface at the intersection of the physical and digital world.